Doughboy Pools Give You The Ingound Look For Less!

Installing Your Doughboy Pool:

A quick guide outlining the installation procedure of a Doughboy Inground Pool

Step #1: First, dig out your pool, allowing plenty of room around the sides to work with the outsides of the walls. Within the hole, begin to assemble your Com-pac support system.

Step #2: Secure the Com-pac support system in the ground, then proceed to level the ground within the hole and remove all sharp objects that may cause damage to the inner liner of your Doughboy Pool.

Step #3: Lay the bottom rails around the entirety of the whole, in the shape you will be assembling you pool. Attach the vertical rails, and you should see you pool begin to take shape.

Step #4: Next, attach all of the wall inserts between the vertical rails to bring together the inner walls of your pool.

Step #5: Once all of the vertical rails and wall inserts are assembled, you will be able to fit the top vertical rail along the top of the pool outline.

Step #6: Now you will hang the liner in position around the pool and begin to add water. The liner should look like a shrink wrap around the entirety of the pool, covering the top rail and the entire opening and inside of your pool.

Step #7: Once the pool is full of water, connect your filtration system and test it to make sure all parts are working properly.

Step #8: Now that everything is working correctly, fill in the gaps on the outside of the walls with gravel and landscape to your personal design. Congratulations on your new Doughboy Pool.

Doughboy Pool Prices

In recent years, portable pools are getting more and more popular. Therefore, it is possible for you to get the right pool if you are willing to spend money. You can find the Doughboy Pool attractive because of the wonderful quality and the high safety of products.

The price of Doughboy Pool is usually something that people would like to pay attention to. In fact, you can find that this kind of pool would not be very expensive if you want to use it over a long period of time. For example, the pool which is standard 12 feet round of size would cost people around 1200 USD. For the standard size of 16 feet round pool, the cost would be around 1400 USD. For people who want to have larger pool, the 18 feet round pool of standard design would cost them around 1500 USD.

You can actually find that the cost of the Doughboy Pool could be expensive if you want to have some pools of special designs. Yes, you can find that some of the designs are unique and they are also made by good materials. Therefore, the cost for you to acquire those beautiful or wonderful pools would be higher and the price can be double of the standard price, given the same size of the pool.

If you want to have some tailor-made designs, you can also approach Doughboy and it would try to offer the wonderful designs and the installation services. Of course, this would be conducted on a project basis so it would definitely be expensive when compared with the standard products.

Therefore, you can compare the price of different Doughboy Pool options before you get the products. This can usually help you select the best one without wasting a lot of money over your budget.

Doughboy Pools Construction

Many people would like to have a pool at their house backyard. However, it is not so possible for them to have one unless they have a lot of money. If they want to save the money and keep their kids happy, they can consider using Doughboy Pool.

The steps for Doughboy Pool Construction are not difficult. First of all, you need to have clear and flat area for you to place the pool in your yard. You should remove any obstacles or rocks on the ground or otherwise the pool liner might rip or even crack.

Then, you can lay out the parts included in the Pool package so you would not miss anything. You should then try to stretch the liner where you intend to install the pool. Next, you should install the pipes to the bottom sleeves. You are advised to start at one of the several corners and continue around the whole pool.

Then, you are going to insert the standpipes to the U-pipes. You need to ensure that the pipes would snap into the correct place. You can life the side of the pipe and lower the pipe holes in order to facilitate the move.

Last but not least, you need to assemble the pool ladder in the correct places. You can use the straps provided in the package to fasten the ladder to pool. You need to install the filter pump or the skimmer equipment stated in the package. As long as you follow the detailed instruction given by the manufacturers, you can usually succeed in your own construction of Doughboy Pool. You need to pay attention to the maintenance work as well because sometimes this type of outdoor equipment would deteriorate quickly and this would affect the safety of using it, which means the safety of your kids.

Doughboy Pools Buyers Guide

There are many people who are interested in installing the Doughboy Pool in their home. For parents, using this kind of pool can definitely increase the happiness of their kids at home. Therefore, you can find that the demand for Doughboy Pool is increasing. If you want to find information which can help you buy the Pool better, you should read more.

When you purchase the Doughboy Pool, you do not need to consider about the materials for frames indeed. It is because the frames provided are all user-friendly and durable. Yes, you can find that the resin frames and the steel frames are all durable and you can use them well.

But you need to choose the right size of the Pool. There are many options that you can choose. It is very important for you to measure the size of the yard that you have and the ideal size of Pool that you want to have. You need to measure the flat land that you have in the yard. In other words, you should not expect to place the Pool at some surfaces which are full of tiny rocks that cannot be removed. Otherwise, it would not be safe for you to use the Pool there.

You can usually find that the price of the Pool is proportional to the size of it. Therefore, you can consider purchasing a smaller Pool if you have limited budget. You would find that the patterns or colors on the Pool would have effect on the price. But this is generally not something that you can control because your kids might have particular favour towards some special patterns or colors. You should try to fit their ideas.

To conclude, finding Doughboy Pool products and buying one is not difficult as long as you find the useful buyers guide.

The Doughboy Desert Spring Pool

Beautiful and Elegant
• Beautifully Crafted Resin Top Rails.
The 8″ curved, extruded top-rail system with injectionmolded
top connectors give a smooth finish to this
captivatingly-beautiful pool.
• Elegantly Designed Vertical Supports.
Large and beautiful 7″ extruded resin vertical supports
eliminate top rail rocking and assure maximum strength.
• Available in 52″ and 54″ sidewalls.
• Lifetime Warranty on All Components.
Pool Frames
No one else comes close. Doughboy pool frames are
designed to last. Our frame steel leads the industry
in terms of protective layers, coatings and treatments to
provide unmatched protection against corrosion
and abrasion.
• Com-Pac™ II Oval Support System.
Superior Engineering to maximize your pool. No other
manufacturer can provide you with the space-saving
features of the Com-Pac™ II.
• Zinc Clad™ 11000 with Hot Dipped Galvanizing.
Plus numerous protective coatings for protection and
corrosion resistance.
Liner Exclusives
The only above-ground pool manufacturer that produces virginvinyl
liner material made to original Doughboy specifications and
are available in a variety of decorative patterns.
• Exclusive “True” Expandable Liners increase pool
depth up to 7 feet with an optional Special-Purpose Deep
Swimming Area for underwater swimming only.
• Exclusive Therma-Seal™ Technology.
This proprietary fusion method provides superior sealing
for maximum durability and quality. Unmatched in the
industry. We are so confident with this process that
we cover the seams of our liners 100% for a lifetime.
A Size For Any Backyard
An excellent assortment of pool sizes to perfectly
match your backyard.
12′ • 16′ • 18′ • 21′ • 24′ • 28′ • 32′
20′ x 12′ • 24′ x 12′ • 28′ x 12′ • 32′ x 12′ • 24′ x 16′
28′ x 16′ • 32′ x 16′ • 34′ x 18′ • 38′ x 18′ • 41′ x 21′
By special order: 40′ x 16′ and 44′ x 12′

Doughboy Pools Photo Gallery

Doughboy pools offer a wide variety of styles and are entirely versatile when designing the landscape of your backyard. Please feel free to browse our gallery to help inspire your backyard pool project and get exactly the pool area that you desire.

Doughboy Pool Heaters

The Alto Water Heat Pump is the perfect addition to you Doughboy Pool!

The Alto heat pump makes full use of advanced refridgeration technology to utilize the outside air and transfer it into heat for your Doughboy Pool. The refrigerant changes from liquid to gas as heat is absorbed from the ambient air. Later in the cycle the refrigerant condenses to liquid as heat is released to the water in the heat exchanger.

The Alto Water Heat Pump provides an efficient and environmentally friendly system for heating your swimming pool! For every unit of electricity that you put in to run the compressor you will get approx 4.6 units of heat out of the heat pump. So nearly 80% of the energy is FREE!

Product Features:

Doughboy Pool Parts – Power Pack

Product Description
Doughboy Power Pak Ii Gasket & O-Ring Kit Go-Kit 29 with Small Package of Magic Lube

Product Features
Includes small package of Magic Lube, the Teflon®-based sealant/lubricant, or Magic Lube II – Silicone for valve kits

Winterizing Skimmer For Doughboy Pools

Product Description
Aquador Winterizing Plate for Doughboy Above Ground Pool SkimmersSave time and money when winterizing your pool with the Aquador Doughboy face plate. To protect your skimmer from freeze damage, simply replace your skimmer plate with this Aquador face plate, then snap on the freeze-proof plastic closure. This unit also eliminates the need for costly drain downs in the fall. Features: Protects above ground pool skimmer from freeze damage Assembles easily Eliminates need for drain down in the fall Model: NW404

Doughboy Pool Skimmer Cover


Handy Aquador snap-on closure system saves you time and money when winterizing your pool. Eliminate draining the water below the skimmer and save thousands of gallons of water per year. Simply replace your existing skimmer plate with the Aquador fuse plate. Snap on the plastic lid and your skimmer is protected from ice damage. Measurements shown indicate the width and height of the skimmer from bolt to bolt. Note: Model # 1020 (gaskets not included).

Product Features:
Snap on the plastic lid and your skimmer is protected from ice damage.
Does not include gaskets.

Shipping Weight: 2 pounds